Why is the Sky Blue?


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Have you ever wondered why we chose the name "Sky Blue Monthly"? Read the following and you will know why.



We use our unique "Far-from-equilibrium Macro Economic Theory" (FFEE) to write Sky Blue Monthly. If an economy is at equilibrium, we say it is at a ground state. If an economy is far away from equilibrium, we say it is at an excited state. (high in the sky, I guess!) Sometimes, the sky is gray, the clouds are low and we can't see much higher. If we use FFEE to analyze an economy, it is like on a sunny day with no clouds when we can see high in the sky. We can also see the true faces of a far-from-equilibrium economy at the excited state and its boom-bust cycle. Sky Blue Monthly does exactly that, to help our readers to see higher and further.


Another reason is that our economic thoughts are center-right (light blue), not far-right (dark blue) in the political spectrum. The most basic economic beliefs for us are to respect private property rights, to honor contractual agreements, and to embrace entrepreneurial capitalism. Without these, a nation's economy cannot grow and people's life will not improve. We also believe in free market, where (1) the prices of goods and services are determined by supply and demand, and where (2) the interest rates are determined by supply of loanable funds and demand of loanable funds. Notice that (1) is the goods and services market and (2) is the credit market. In communist countries, both (1) and (2) were not free and their economies got into deep troubles. In most Western nations, (1) is free but (2) is not. The results are far-from-equilibrium economies and boom-bust cycles.


Some readers thought the name "Sky Blue Monthly" came from the last 3 letters of "Monica Lewinsky" and the first word of "Blue Book". This is not true! My site is not a porn site! By the way, if you want to know "Why is the sky blue?" (literally), please go to this site: http://www.weburbia.com/physics/blue_sky.html


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