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Most readers think that the date of birth for Sky Blue Monthly was Dec. 18, 1999. In reality, the real date of birth for Sky Blue Monthly was Oct. 9, 1997. Since Oct. 9, 1997, we have written macro economic analyses on irregular basis in form of e-mails for friends and family. Some of our best friends are Ph.D. in Economics or Masters in Economics. We were pleased that they enjoyed our analyses. We also received encouragement from them to put our economic analysis in public. However, we adopted a wait and see attitude. In 1998 and 1999, our economic analyses went well and this gave us the confidence to officially launch Sky Blue Monthly at our website. "Dec. 18, 1999" was the first day that we put our analysis on internet, not the date of birth for Sky Blue Monthly.



The current editor of Sky Blue Monthly is Mervin Yeung. After graduation from University of Kentucky, Mervin Yeung was very fortunate to be hired by a $102 million hedge fund in Chicago. He joined the Research Department of this hedge fund as an Assistant to the Director of Research and as a Futures Analyst. Mervin Yeung worked and learned at the Research Department for more than 3 years. During this time period, there were only 3 permanent researchers in the Department: Director of Research, and 2 Assistants to the Director of Research (Mervin Yeung was one of the Assistants.). You may think that there must be more researchers for such a large fund; well, thanks to the small size of the Research Department, Mervin Yeung had the opportunity to access a more complete picture of the research.


Mervin Yeung accumulated knowledge and skills on how to do analysis in the firm. But he didn't have enough time to organize them and to develop a theory based on what he had acquired. He then decided to focus on his study full time. Asian Economic Crisis in 1997 was the turning point. Mervin Yeung studied the event throughout and with his experience and knowledge, he started to gain insights into macro economic world. Encouraged by his girlfriend, he started to write in early Oct. 1997. He also embarked on a series of studies on past economic disasters in order to comprehend Asian Economic Crisis even further. Huge efforts and long hours were put into this adventure and it finally bore fruit. Since Oct. 1997, he has been writing and studying at the same time. He has developed Far-from-equilibrium Macro Economic Theory (FFEE). So far, FFEE has given him the confidence and courage to put it on test in public. As a result, more than 2 years after the birth of Sky Blue Monthly, Mervin Yeung finally placed Sky Blue Monthly on internet in Dec. 1999. Sky Blue Monthly has been available online since then.


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